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Exciting news about Pneuma33 and More Cabbage!

From: Chris Conant, Former Head Cabbage of More Cabbage in Dallas, TX.

Dear Friend,

I am so delighted to share our exciting news!

Twenty plus years in business has culminated with the completion of over 800 branding and marketing projects to date and over 2.3 billion in leads generated. I have always said our best resource for branding, digital marketing and social PR is our people. Looking back, I cannot imagine it any other way. The talent is in the team.

Last fall the More Cabbage team and I surveyed the industry, and made inquiries into aligning with or acquiring firms with top talent. As some of you know, we have been on a growth trajectory, but finding the best people has not been easy. Through a long process of prayer and Divine provision, I met an amazing team who we align with in both vision and spirit: Pneuma33 Creative in Bend, OR.

Pneuma33 Creative is a professional advertising agency that can capture vision with perfect clarity, establish brands, and craft strategy for creative campaigns, marketplace identity, messaging, media buying, and web site UX. As many of you know, More Cabbage delivers digital marketing, Google advertising, email marketing, social media PR and SEO. Our two firms have even more in common. We share a relationship with Christ who embodies our culture and leads our purpose.

God is working in the lives and businesses of Christians around the globe and we are passionate about becoming a part of what He’s doing, so combining our two companies leverages our skills and strengths to pursue all of Him in the context of business.

Consequently, we’re expecting that our clients will encounter God as we partner with them to become world changers.

After several conversations we all decided to merge our two firms. I will remain Principal, but also Chief Development Officer (my passion), and James and Anna Kramer (married), my new partners, will continue as Principals and CEO and Chief Creative Officer, respectively. The other team members have already fully engaged with our larger “family” over the last few months, with Allison Rogers leading the helm as VP of Operations based in Dallas. I am so excited to give you an opportunity to get to know us.

Please call or email me if I can be of help. I would love to introduce you to our team and if the need arises, deliver an experience with our Creative Blueprint™.

We will continue to focus on promoting, marketing and launching brands into the marketplace and online. The merge is already in effect and you will immediately see email correspondence, web, and social media transitioning to Pneuma33 Creative.

Because branding usually precedes digital marketing we also decided to retire the name and domain, More Cabbage. I know, I know, there’s a lot of love for that name. It has been a beautiful season and we have had a lot of laughs with big oversize cabbage! And even though More Cabbage will no longer be our name, delivering it will remain an outcome for all of our marketing projects, as we continue to generate ROI.

I would like to invite you to celebrate this new season with us as Pneuma33 Creative. Our mission remains: to release the creativity of Heaven into the marketplace and to see His name made famous.

This merger delivers a fresh vision, a larger team (26pp), two locations, increased breadth and depth of skill, PR and growth capital for Kingdom-projects, and a world-class creative agency ready to grow with you.

For His glory.

Chris Conant

Principal and Chief Development Officer
469 454-4274

Anna Kramer Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

Anna Kramer Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year


Anna Kramer Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

Award reflects the ability to generate an uncommon degree of economic growth and social change

Bend, OR: Anna Kramer has been nominated for Bend Chamber’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award, reflecting her ability to create jobs, grow businesses, and effect social transformation.  

“I consider doing what I love to be the greatest honor and privilege,” says Anna Kramer. “To know that my dreams and passions are also having an impact on others is beyond a joy—it’s an over-the-top experience!”

The Entrepreneur of the Year award is one of six awards given at the Bend Chamber’s annual Women of the Year awards ceremony.

“Regardless of age, gender or industry, I rank Anna Kramer as one of the most visionary, innovative and inspirational leaders I’ve ever had the privilege to work with,” said Michael Sipe, President of Crosspoint Capital in Bend. “Anna has an amazing ability to draw out the finest in her teammates and clients and she’s representative of the very best of the entrepreneurial spirit in Central Oregon.”

According to the Bend Chamber, to be awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, the winner has to meet strict eligibility requirements, including, “a track record of growth, profitability, industry leadership and breaking new ground.” They also must, “possess the drive, managerial acumen and leadership traits that others aspire to have, and have positioned themselves for future achievement.”

“I believe that the most powerful gift we can offer one another is to live in alignment with our purpose,” said Anna. “Now, that’s what it means to truly live!”

Learn more about Anna Kramer:

About Anna Kramer: Anna is the Vice President/Creative Director of Pneuma33

Creative Agency.

Anna has spent the last 10 years developing and mentoring people, from street girls to female executives. She loves seeing people come alive and live out of their passions. Anna and James, her husband and business partner, have articulated a 100-year vision for Pneuma33 Creative Agency and desire to see numerous other enterprises launched out of their business. They have poised their agency as a launching pad for team members and clients to be catapulted into their dreams and passions. Anna works with thought leaders, innovators, influencers, world changers and powerful people locally, nationally, and internationally.



Media Contact

Ashley Chastain

Executive Coordinator, Pneuma33 Creative Agency


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