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We believe that innovation is inspired by vision. Our vision is heaven on earth and our mission is to release the creativity of heaven into the marketplace.

Who We Are

We are an agency of creatives, developers, digital marketers and brand strategists. We partner with innovative and transcendent brands that are building new models, championing culture, transforming communities, and leading their industries.

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What is the eternal ROI of your organization?
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We’re looking for world changing companies.
We Are...

The Creative Blueprint Approach

Our clients are massive visionaries with audacious goals, and what they need is an agency that understands how to move their ideas from inception to execution.

Our Creative BlueprintTM guides our clients through the process, focusing on the core building blocks of a successful strategy so that we can engineer a scalable foundation for future growth.


Understand the playing field

We’ll take you through discovering your audience segments, value propositions, customer journeys, business model and company vision.


Determine unknowns and confirm assumptions

In the research phase we will hold stakeholder interviews, conduct a market survey, create a competitive audit and a media audit.


Give exact clarity to findings and ensure they are highly practical and usable

Together we will define your brand framework, messaging framework, create a user experience map and buyer journey. Then, we will analyze all touch points and define key opportunities for impact.


Campaign development and execution

We will propose names, logos, visual identity, website as well as create a go to market campaign: digital and traditional marketing, PR, events, influencer outreach, content strategy and promotion.

We execute strategies for maximum impact.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC, Paid Social, Remarketing)
  • High-End Print Collateral
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Visual Strategy (photography and video)
  • Website Design and Development
  • Analytics and Conversion Tracking

“Nike doesn’t want to make products for everyone—they want to make products for champions.”

Simon Sinek

We Are People On Fire

We are revivalists, creating a culture of abundance and limitless thinking, where the boldest of hopes, dreams and visions are fostered and encouraged. Pneuma33 Creative is a platform for world changers.

We believe that God is the source of all creativity and our mission is to release that creativity into the marketplace.

We exist to transform culture, and we position brands to lead the world across all spheres of society.

Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.

Seth Godin


Image of Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

Image of Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Our Team

James Kramer

Principal, CEO

James is a driven and passionate communicator. His expertise in branding and positioning raises the bar on marketplace potential.

James Kramer

Regardless of where companies are in their life cycle, James is able to detect opportunities for growth, identify effective courses of action and craft strategies for breakthrough.

James loves to come alongside people and organizations to make it possible for them to passionately pursue their vision.

He does not give up easily, and around him everything seems possible. He has mastered the art of administering vision and he hopes to equip world-class organizations to implement strategies that lead to their success in business and beyond.

James and his gorgeous bride, Anna, love new adventures, hosting friends for dinner, playing with their puppy, Raya, and nurturing James’ lifelong obsession with the Seattle Seahawks.

Anna Kramer


Anna’s ability to see all things as possible creates a limitless culture at Pneuma33, and in the lives of everyone she knows.

Anna Kramer

With a natural ease and desire to come alongside others of every background and personality, Anna is vigilant in unfolding life beyond barriers. Often with latte in hand, she loves calling out the gold and greatness in everyone she meets. She is passionate that people take their positions as world changers in history and that they experience the fullness of life.

She’s a fan of laughter, all-you-can-eat sushi, the clear blue skies of Bend, and great relationships. Her dream, along with her husband, James, is to see people equipped to do the impossible.

Chris Conant


Chris started his first graphic design studio in 1995 and sold it in 2000 during the dot-com era. After consulting internationally for three years on branding and technology, he founded More Cabbage: Strategic Marketing and Design.

Chris Conant

Chris and his wife, Nancy, led a nationwide staff in marketing services before becoming part of Pneuma33. To date, he has completed more than 600 branding projects, and generated more than $1.3B in sales and leads for clientele.

Chris has a B.A. from CSUN in communications and graphic design, and graduated in 2009 from VLI seminary. In 2013 he received the Infinitely Beyond Award for lifetime Christian business charity and ministry.

He has the unique capacity to turn high-level relationships into branded world changers through clever, practical business development. In his free time, Chris imagines.

Lindsey Pendergrass

Executive Coordinator

Quarterback might be the better title for Lindsey at Pneuma33. Lindsey helps us avoid missed passes and fumbles, ensuring the plays we run are clear and our touchdowns are celebrated.

But we call her our executive coordinator just so she doesn’t feel like she can easily meet Russell Wilson on the job someday.

Lindsey excels in her job because she is passionate about loving people, building community, juggling numerous to-do lists, and bringing ideas to life. Her background in marketing and development in the nonprofit sector equipped her well for the task at hand, and she is excited to be a part of shaping culture through Pneuma33.

Lindsey and her husband, Bryan, relocated from the Portland area to Bend in early 2017 and are overjoyed to find lots of sunshine, more great coffee, and an endless wilderness made for adventuring.

Simon Thomas


After a career with touch points in Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., London and Stockholm, Simon, his wife and three children settled in beautiful Bend in 2005.

We lured him out of semi-retirement to join our dynamic team of world changers. He’s always eager to meet challenges and intuitively pursues strategic ways to improve processes and make things happen.

When not at work, Simon can be found behind a soundboard for his church’s worship team, listening to one of his more than 2,000 records, or reading from one of his more than 4,000 books at home.

Fernando Montes

Production Manager

Fernando moved to Bend from Los Angeles in March 2015 and has no plans to go back. EVER.

Fernando Montes

He spent 12 years as a graphic designer and art director at a boutique Santa Monica agency, J.R. Navarro & Associates, working on a wide variety of accounts such as General Motors, Wells Fargo, DirecTV, LACVB, and the University of Southern California, to name just a few. In recent years he has turned his focus to project management and has found a home both in Bend and Pneuma33.

A passionate skier with a deep love for the outdoors, he’s “ecstatic to finally be able to live in an environment where I can simply step outside and be surrounded by God’s country.”

Fernando is also a devoted Los Angeles Kings supporter for more than 25 years, loves motorsports of all kinds (open-wheel road racing in particular), pro and college football, and college basketball.

Nathan Wright

Art Director

Few can translate vision into reality like Nathan. His pursuit of excellence is continual, and you can bet your brand will make a lasting impression after he has put his seal on it.

Nathan Wright

A tremendous family man and father of six, Nathan wants nothing more than to be known as a man of character and someone who makes a difference in the lives of those he serves.

Amy Williams

Senior Graphic Designer

Meet the force of elegance and excellence in artistry at Pneuma33. Amy not only excels at capturing vision and making it look good, but she also doubles as a strategic mind, and brings 7 years of experience in graphic design to the table.

Amy Williams

Her creativity extends outside the office, with forays into monotype and woodblock printing, playing cello, board gaming, and seeking out mountains and fields for inspiration.

Justin Bronson

Account Executive

Few people have the ability to relate authentically with others like Justin does.

Justin Bronson

He believes that all people have great purpose, and he is constantly looking for ways to advance the world-changing purpose of those he works with. It is his deeply held belief that influence is born out of investment—and that the greatest way to advance the mission of his clients is to first come alongside them and share in their mission.

Justin passionately advocates for adoption and poverty relief, motivated by the belief that both global poverty and the global orphan crisis can be alleviated in his lifetime.

Seth Waters

Account Executive

If Seth ever has a bad day, you wouldn’t know it. His smile reflects an inner joy radiating from a heart sold-out for Jesus and the amazing ways God is on the move today.

If you wanted to make Seth die inside, you’d put him in a cubicle and tell him to do something “because this is the way we’ve always done it.” As a mega-visionary who loves people the instant he meets them, his sweet spot is working with startups and visionaries who are changing the world. Letting his entrepreneurial spirit run around on the playground protected by boundaries known as Lessons Learned ensures a win for driven clients. Seth and his family relocated to Bend in early 2017 after he had led a San Francisco startup for eight years, building an expansive social media platform that attracted more than 1.5 million video views and thousands of likes. He is married to Maria, has three awesome kiddos and a dog named Max.

Simon Villeneuve

Content Director

Our content director, Simon, brings clarity to chaos by telling on-brand stories that attract our clients' target customers.

Simon Villeneuve

He oversees content strategy and copywriting, inspiring his team to bring their best to Pneuma33. An out of the box thinker committed to quality in every step of the creative process, Simon is always challenging the status quo to get the results our clients are looking for.

Jodi Carlson


Jodi is our in-house word chef. She loves the English language almost as much as she loves weird food, and she feasts on any opportunity to play with either of them.

When Jodi realized that stories are what pump life through her veins, she chose to earn her degree in communications from Whitworth University so that she could better capture and tell them. Never one to say no to a little adventure, she then moved to Colorado Springs to launch her career writing and editing for various global Christian ministries. Since then she found herself changing addresses approx. every 13.3 months. But no more. If home is where the heart, mind, body and soul most thrive, Bend is it.

Jodi enjoys harmless sarcasm and thrives on deep conversation. She’s also known to hear lyrics that aren’t quite right, making songs much more entertaining than they actually are.

Keith Monaghan

UX Designer

A natural problem-solver, Keith is passionate about communicating with clients and connecting solutions with the opportunities at hand.

Keith Monaghan

He believes we haven’t begun to see the ways we can use technology to build meaningful communities. His care for people, coupled with an extraordinary determination and work ethic, make Keith a tremendous ally to your vision.

Jordan Boston

Web Developer

Jordan brings numerous years as a freelance web developer to Pneuma33. He has contributed to the success of several startups in areas from graphic design to building enterprise web applications in Ruby.

Jordan is a lover of culture. With his wife and three daughters, he is always looking for opportunities to try all sorts of world cuisine and experience various aspects of different cultures.

He serves the kingdom through his role as both a bi-vocational pastor and a web developer, accomplishing the mission he feels called to fulfill in both the ministry and the marketplace.

A bit of a cynical idealist and often a skeptic rather than an early adopter, it may take him longer to jump on board with a new idea. That said, Jordan has no doubt the world can be changed through God’s people when they are willing to be used by Him.

Ray Grau

Web Service Manager

With more than a decade of experience as a web developer and designer, Ray has worked with a number of clients in a wide range of industries.

Ray Grau

This experience provides a depth of knowledge that stands as an effective resource for clients to lean on and trust. Ray applies this knowledge base to the Pneuma33 vision by carefully listening and communicating with our clients. Ray loves taking a project’s vision and implementing it into something tangible for the client. When Ray is not in front of a computer he loves spending time with his wife and their three amazing kids.

Dan Moses

Digital Marketing Manager

Dan brings 18 years of internet and digital marketing experience to Pneuma33.

He credits his most valuable education to the process of trial and error that came with owning his own online business, which involved building and executing website launches for clients within traffic generation niches online. He’s a family man—a father of five with a strong love for God and his colleagues. Dan enjoys a vast array of outdoor activities as well as chilling out inside with his family watching movies or playing games.

Nicholas Coleman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Our digital marketing specialist hails from sunny Southern California, where he lived after attending college at the University of Houston, earning his double major in political science and economics.

He is a proud father of three and husband of 18 years. He has experience in both in-house and traditional ad agencies where he led, created, and implemented strategies for accounts with annual budgets exceeding $5 million. Nicholas excels at listening to clients’ goals and dreams for their company. He then takes their desires and fuses them with his expertise in analysis and optimizing accounts to attract quality leads and favorable ROIs.

The Federation

Pneuma33 Creative is a founding member and partner of a growing coalition of creative, development, media, digital and communication agencies worldwide.

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How The Federation got started.
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Collaboration is the new norm.
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200 agencies driving a culture transformation.
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Drawn together for mobilization.
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Reveal your secret sauce.
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Going above and beyond as a federation.
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It’s a job for a team.
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The worldwide influence of a unified coalition.

The Federation

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