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"Your opportunity lies in finding a neglected worldview, framing your story in a way that this audience will focus on, and going from there."

Seth Godin

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The power of a vision is that it’s attractive, it’s contagious, and it has the power to see many fulfill the call of God on their life.

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Upcoming Events

The Global Leadership Summit

Aug. 9-10, 2018
Various Locations

Fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient location near you.

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8thMountain Global Leadership Summit

August 16-18, 2018
Calgary Alberta, Canada

Join us for powerful keynotes from global leaders and strategize in summit working groups solving local and global problems.

8th Mountian Summit

FCCI International Conference

Sep. 16-20, 2018
Rancho Mirage, CA

Join us for another life changing, business impacting time with talks by some of the most revolutionary Christian business leaders on the planet.

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World Changer Magazine

Our in-house World Changer magazine was created to develop a platform that promotes thought leaders, innovators, marketplace leaders and our global partners.

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