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Welcome, World Changer!

Joel 2:1 commands, “Blow the trumpet in Zion!”

God is raising up a hope-filled army of revivalists and reformers who are shaping culture and influencing nations. As a unified and mobilized force, now is the time to retake our position at the forefront of culture.

World Changer Magazine is a platform capturing the heartbeat, vision, and message of the Lord in every sphere of society. We give voice to the mobilizing stories of transformation taking place in lives and regions all around the world. We are showcasing God’s Bride as she arises and shines. It’s our desire to see Habakkuk 2:14 fulfilled:

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

As the body of Christ, we are being positioned to change the narrative in our nation. We are zealous to make famous the name of Jesus. As lovers of God, we are being called to lead the world with excellence, innovation, technology, new models, and creative strategies. Against the backdrop of history, it is our mandate to be a city on a hill, that the nations may come to our light (Isaiah 60). With Christ in us, we are the hope of His glory.

We are building a growing coalition of Kingdom-led media, creative, messaging, digital, PR, advertising and branding agencies across the globe. We have set our sights on God’s vision for a media army led by His Spirit. Together, we will lead new conversations and partner with God to see cities, regions and nations transformed. Our world is desperate for hope—–and we carry Him everywhere we are.

The Lord is moving right now in an unprecedented way through business, education, government, arts and  entertainment, family, church and media. If you have been called to be an influential voice, a strategist, a leader, a builder, or a
cultural reformer in any of these spheres, we want to connect with you.

Let’s mobilize together!

We want to hear from you.

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Affecting Spheres | David Yarnes

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The THRIVE Blueprint | Hany Soryal

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Entering into Your Inheritance | Michelle Seidler

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Societal Influence | Nathan Slafter

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Are you called to shape culture?

Are you called to use your voice to transform culture in business, education, government, arts and entertainment, family, church or media? The Lord is beckoning right now, “Tell My stories!” If you’re being called to influence culture we want to hear from you.

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