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vol. II

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World Changer Magazine

At World Changer Magazine, we believe hope is the most endangered commodity in culture today. We believe in changing the narrative. Our publication captures a clear, revelatory voice from recognized leaders in every sphere of influence, and it provides a comprehensive “State of the Kingdom” for a global audience. World Changer Magazine highlights various Kingdom advancements being made toward Great Commission outcomes and the extraordinary impact being made through effective collaboration and unity. We showcase global leaders in the Body of Christ with a proven track record of impacting and advancing the Kingdom in their nation. We are particularly focused on leaders of networks who may leverage learnings across vast systems of Great Commission efforts.

Current Edition

This Edition features more than 30 proven leaders of scaled projects of significance. The magazine is structured around three distinct lenses: Strategy, Operations, and Finance. We highlight where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going as the Body of Christ. We bring clarity and insights to the shifts and movement of the Lord across nations, as well as the experiences gained by our contributors in the advancement of the Great Commission.

Target Audience

Our target audience is people like youglobally minded, focused, accomplished, and yearning to be more effective in Kingdom impact.

In many cases, these people have previously exhausted conventional methods and practices and are looking for new approaches and strategies. We would describe these leaders as both scouts and pioneers. As readers open the pages of World Changer Magazine, we want them to instantly experience hope and the presence of the Lord; find immediate, actionable intelligence; and enter into a fellowship of specialized peers.

Thought-Provoking Questions

As the Body of Christ, we are in a global shift; we are entering a new era of rapid Kingdom acceleration. With that in mind, the following questions should guide our thoughts:

  • Where are we now? What are the processes the Body of Christ is currently engaging in? 
  • Where are we going? What are the megatrends leading into the near future from a philosophical/theological perspective?
  • What practices will create exponential multiplication for the next generation?
  • How do we engage society to impact human flourishing toward completing the Great Commission and discipling nations?
  • What activities will drive performance in our particular sphere of culture?
  • What are common finish lines (measurable outcomes) for our sphere, region, and nation?


Affecting Spheres | David Yarnes | World Changer Series

Affecting Spheres | David Yarnes

The THRIVE Blueprint | Hany Soryal | World Changer Series

The THRIVE Blueprint | Hany Soryal

Entering into Your Inheritance | Michelle Seidler | World Changer Series

Entering into Your Inheritance | Michelle Seidler

Societal Influence | Nathan Slafter | World Changer Series

Societal Influence | Nathan Slafter

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