Attracting God-Sized Favor

Andy Mason


I was in our local airport on the first leg of an international trip. I left my phone at security and someone mistakenly picked it up. Another complete stranger went out of their way to help me track it down. We finally got onto the plane and then had to get off due to mechanical problems. The delay would cause me to miss my international flight. But then favor kicked in… the complete stranger who helped find my phone called up her own plane and pilot then asked me if I wanted a ride. Are you kidding?! All she knew about me was I was the stranger who lost my phone.

We need supernatural favor to get us where we need to be in order to fulfill the Heavenly mandate on our life for our time in history. Dividing lines are disappearing and we are no longer talking ‘spheres of influence,’ we are talking nations. To grow in influence, we need favor to open connections, access and resources to step up and into the places that need our voice to be heard. Our business or work role is a vehicle to drive us there. Living without favor is like driving without tires.

There are two kinds of favor. The first comes from developing your skills and character so that you increase the value you can add to others. The second kind of favor comes from God. His favor gets you where you need to go; it gives access to supernatural ideas, wisdom, insight, connections, resources, and more. His favor makes you look better than you really are and even turns your disasters into stepping-stones for success. Without His favor you will only accomplish the ordinary. With His favor you will do the impossible. You need BOTH kinds of favor in order to fulfill your Heavenly purpose on the earth.

Steward your favor

Everyone has favor, however small you feel it may be. The first step is to be faithful with what you already have. Start by being thankful. Appreciation for what you already have attracts more. It paves the way for increase.

What relationships do you need to appreciate or pay more attention to? How’s your faithfulness serving in the existing roles you have? What is in your hand right now that you could pay more attention to (1 Kings 17:7-24)? What are you avoiding doing because you are waiting for the ‘next big thing’?

Test your favor

How far does your favor go? How do you find out how much favor you have?

Test it. When was the last time you approached someone you greatly admire or look up to, and asked for their advice or input? Or, requested something from someone with whom you didn’t think you had strong enough relationship to ‘earn’ the favor? What if the key influencer in your city is just waiting for your call?

Favor is a gift; otherwise, it is not favor.

Declare your favor

You have favor and an unusual advantage!

Declarations make something known that was previously hidden, kept quiet, or known by only a few. One of the ways to access the favor of God on our lives is to declare it out loud. Even better is to have others agree!

How could you declare favor over your life? How could you agree with the favor that is already on your life? How could you declare favor over the lives of the people around you?

Connect with the source of favor

God is our source of all life. He turns the hearts of kings and rulers like a watercourse. We make all our plans and preparations, but the outcome is from Him. God even raises the dead and declares things that don’t exist as though they did. The closer you get to Him, the more His favor leaks on your life and makes you look amazing!

In addition to all this, His Presence with us brings favor because He is perfect love and His perfect love chases away fear. When you take time to be with Him and develop an awareness of His Presence with you, you reduce the levels of anxiety in the people around you. David did as he played music for King Saul (see 1 Samuel 16:23). People just want you around because you make them feel peace.

So how can you grow your connection with God?

Andy is the Director of Heaven in Business in Redding, California through Bethel Church. He speaks internationally about bringing God into the workplace and partnering with God in all of life.


Andy Mason

Andy Mason comes from New Zealand and has 15+ years experience helping individuals and organizations discover and align with purpose, then develop practical steps to make dreams a reality.

The world is waiting for a people who carry God, everywhere.

Andy Mason